Suddenly, unwillingly, something caught me off my guard

The world erupts wild and beautiful, and once was bleak and hard.

Dazed and amazed by such power, I find I protest no more

Your perfect fire heats my armoured heart to its core.

As our worlds slowly collide, events conspire to be magnified

And in this maze all passions have somehow become amplified.

Around us conflicts rage, subdued as we lay here again

For here in your silk arms is the eye of the hurricane.

Should I live a thousand years and spend them away from you

The truth I speak this night would still hold no less true.

You are endless and immortal, your eyes and soul so deep

A power as old as time, beauty to make angels weep.

Now a world that has no passion is a world of value nought

But passion is a harsh companion, and in her web I fear I’m caught.

The problem with perfection being it’s all too often illusion

We construct traps for ourselves with obsession or confusion.

Secretly I find myself frightened by such purity

And every touch into my soul, charged with electricity.

But I will not succumb to you, although it seems that way

I do not live to see you swim before me every day.

And although I know you don’t feel the same for me

A fool for you I may well be, but I’m a fool who’s free.

Maybe it would be easier if this had all been planned

Or maybe you should just decide and tell me where I stand.

Even though my dreams are haunted, in slumber or awake

With countless thoughts of you that I can’t seem to shake

Even though every gust of wind whispers out your name

I’m not going to run to you or play the same old game.

I don’t know what I believe, in gods or chance or fate

Some things just can’t be controlled, some forces are too great.

Of one thing and one thing alone I’m unshakeably, truly certain

With you, my friend, the world’s a better place, until the final curtain.


Copyright Ben Knight

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