Your Host Welcomes You

Come in! I’m glad you made it.

Take a seat – anywhere is fine. Here, I’ll take your coats. It’s very cold tonight, but it’s warm in here. I’ve been here for a while, so I’ve got the fire roaring, as you can see. No, no, you’re not late. I was early. I needed to get things… ready before we began.

Devices off, please. Oh, and the room’s on private mode so none of your biotech will function – but it’s nice to be offline sometimes, isn’t it?

Please, take a drink. I’m so glad you like it. You’ll need it for what comes next. It is an unusual flavour, isn’t it?

You’re tired, I can tell. So exhausted you can barely keep your eyes open! Don’t you worry. Rest your eyes awhile. Just sit back and relax.

Sleep. Let me take care of everything.


Copyright Ben Knight

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